Electronic Business Solutions                                                                                                              

We specialize in the development and integration of cutting edge business systems. Whether you're a small business, a multinational corporation or an institution, NIST   delivers innovative integrated solutions to meet your technical needs.

  • Applications
    These are programs developed by
    Neha Web Tech.   that add interactive capabilities to your website. We have everything from Newsletters to Password Protection.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    The very same technologies that are raising customer expectations, can also be used to meet and exceed them -- help you build loyalty. With Web-enabled interaction and information delivery. 
  • Statistics/Tracking
    Probably the most valuable too for refining the functionality and effectiveness of your website, Generate real-time graphs of search engine referrals, keywords, user sessions and more.
  • Custom Programming
    We custom program Perl, C++, and Javascript to fit your exact needs. If you need an Internet application that requires custom programming contact our team at
  • Co-Location/Dedicated Servers
    We make your server as fast as an Internet Provider. We guarantee 99.9% up-time. Our servers are l with redundant t3 connections.
  • Intranet Systems
    Create a cross platform internal network over a LAN or WAN and transfer information faster and easier.
Internet Applications                                                                                                                             


Applications are programs that run on the Internet within your website that add interactivity and functionality. Applications vary due to upgrades and enhancements that are constantly being made as new technologies emerge.

· Search Your Website
· Content Administration
· FAQ Manager (Frequently Asked Questions)
· Enhanced Statistical Reporting
· Password Protection Systems
· Tell A Friend - Viral Marketing
· Bulletin Boards
· Administration Pages
· We'll Call You Feature
· Hit Counter
· Live Chat
· Guest book
· Classifieds
· Link Protector
· Link Manager
· Tree Menu (Dynamic Link Navigation)
· Subscription Management
· File Transfers Protocol (FTP) / Text Editing Tutorial
· Real Audio
· Video Cam's

CRM - Customer Relationship Management                                                                                           


CRM – A Global Business Trend Is Customer Relationship Management really that important? Industry leaders seem to think so. In fact, studies show that the effective management of customer relationships will be the single greatest source of competitive differentiation in the next decade.

The reasons are many. Traditional markets are being redefined by fragmentation, disinter mediation, and the emergence of new channels and new media for reaching the customer.

  • Globalization and deregulation are opening up new markets and increasing the reach of competition.

  • New and nontraditional competitors are entering established markets as industry lines become blurred. Enabled by e-business technologies, companies with lower cost structures and broad geographic reach are entering existing markets.

  • What it all comes down to is, the expectations of your customers are higher than ever before. And your competitors will be trying harder to meet those expectations.

  • No matter how or why customers reach you, or you reach them, you can offer a uniformly effective and therefore positive customer experience. .

That’s the ultimate goal of Customer Relationship Management -- positive experiences that build loyalty. And it can become your viable competitive business advantage, day in and day out, when it’s delivered through our custom CRM solutions.

Custom Programming                                                                                                                          


As organizations grow in size and complexity, their technology needs often outstrip the capabilities offered by standard, off-the-shelf software applications. For these situations, we provide Custom Programming.

Custom Programming involves these steps:

  1. NIST documents your current business goals and objectives.
  2. We document your current business process including any problems or issues that may be impeding progress.
  3. Together, we establish your functional requirements and goals.
  4. We design the appropriate software solution(s), including the establishment of user interface standards and screen- and database-models.
  5. We issue design recommendations and a cost analysis for you to review.
  6. Development commences and NIST creates, delivers and tests the final product.
Co-Located/Dedicated Servers                                                                                                             


Neha Web Technologies co-located and dedicated programs work to make your server as fast as a professional Web Hosting company's. Resell Web Hosting, or host your own Web site for no additional fees.

  • Low Customer-to-Server Ratio - NIST puts only a few sites on each server. Most competitors put up to 5,000 customers on a single server. We limit the amount of sites on our Linux & Windows NT servers to 1, 50 or 256 depending on which plan you choose. This means that your Web site is always fast and available.

  • Fast, Reliable Place - We are located in a Heart of the city of Hyderabad well known as Hitech city of India and our neighbors are Wipro, Satyam, Baan, Microsoft, D E Shaw, Metamour, Softsol and many more upcoming IT related Companies situated .
Intranet Systems                                                                                                                                 


Thousands of organizations have already found that internal intranets can help empower their employees through more timely and less costly information flow. This empowerment bolsters the company's competitive advantage, improves employee morale and assists in getting more timely information to customers and suppliers.

The technologies that support the internet provide the following benefits:                                                   

  • Share/Transfer - Connected computers can share or transfer information among one another.
  • Heterogeneous - Intranets run on a variety of operating systems and hardware from multiple vendors.
  • Common Applications - Email, Web browser, etc., care all available across most commonly used platforms.
  • Scalable - Start small, build as needs, requirements allow.
  • Inexpensive - Requires little investment either in dollars or infrastructure.
  • Open platform architecture - This means a large and increasing number of add-on applications are available.
  • Easy navigation - Hypertext links simplify navigation and information retrieval.


WebTrends™ With a Difference - Many companies offer WebTrends statistical reporting on their servers, however most require you to download a version of WebTrends and run the reports yourself.

This means that every time you wish to generate a WebTrends report you will have to download your entire log file, which in some cases can take hours or days.

For example: If your log file was 10 MB (average for a lightly visited site) you would have to download 10 MB of data every time you wanted to generate a report. Our proprietary implementation of WebTrends allows you to generate WebTrends reports on demand without having to download anything.