At the core of every great website is theory, design & implementation. Neha Web Technologies (Formerly: Neha Infosys Technologies) has been working with their Internet clients for over three years to produce compelling, cutting edge websites that succeed.

We have developed a system over time that has proven its worth in creating successful websites. By getting to know our clients and their businesses and applying our knowledge, expertise and understanding of the Internet we have created mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships.

Four Key Disciplines                                                                                                                          

Strategic Consulting Services - We have worked with our clients in every aspect of the Internet. NIST consults with you to define the goals and objectives of your Internet initiative that interfaces with your current and future business plans.

Innovative & Creative Design Department - We specialize in information, interaction and graphic design for user-centric websites. We create an Internet presence that is graphically appealing and intuitive to the user, allowing them to facilitate their needs in a logical and enjoyable manner.

Technical & Programming Teams - We speak all the languages of the Internet. Our technical teams create e-commerce solutions and interactive applications designed for usability, scalability and high end database integration and maintenance.

Internet Marketing Division - We have experience in site traffic analysis, banner design, Internet-based public relations and press services. NIST also specializes in search engine placement and relationship management, online promotions, contests, game development and cross-promotion opportunities. We are also a pioneering company in OTM (Online Target Marketing) campaigns. OTM utilizes web based e-mails (e-mails that look and act like webpages) to target audiences that have given permission to receive promotions geared to their special interests.

  • E-Commerce Starts
    Find out about it's incredible ease of use and power to display your products.
  • Flash Websites
    Cutting edge design and innovative concepts bring excitement to your site. .
  • Internet Applications
    Add interactive capabilities to your website. We have everything from Newsletters to Password Protection.


  • Reliable Hosting
    Find out what to look for in choosing a hosting company for reliability, speed and interactive management.
  • Maintenance & Web mastering
    Keep current with content management, emergency response, shopping cart maintenance and ongoing tutorials and education.
  • Online Marketing to Media Campaigns
    Search engine submission, newsletters, mass Email, communities and integration with traditional media give you the power to succeed.
  • Customer Relationship Mgmt.
    Effective management of customer relationships by merging all your contact management systems into one.
  • Custom Programming
    Add functionality to any Online application or check out our bundled packages.
  • Dedicated Servers
    We make your server as fast as an Internet Provider. You can sell Web hosting or host your own large site.
  • Internet Applications
    Add interactive capabilities to your website. We have everything from Newsletters to Password Protection.
  • Intranet Systems
    Create a cross platform internal network over a LAN or WAN and transfer information faster and easier.
  • Statistics/Tracking
    Generate real-time graphs of search engine referrals, keywords, user sessions and more.


  • Web Design
    Fully scalable websites that span all resolutions, optimized graphics for quick download and compatibility.
  • Flash Design
    Sophisticated interactivity and break the bandwidth barrier with streaming files that play while they download.
  • Corporate Identity
    Professional concept and design, branding, integration of marketing and multimedia.
  • Logos
    Translate the impression of your company into a graphic image that represents your individuality.
  • Illustration
    Communicate a pictorial idea by creating an image to promote your product or service.
  • Icon Development
    Needs Analysis, Functionality, Universal meanings, Design of Icons.