Websites Developed & Hosted:
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  Systems & Management Consultants  
  Bulk Drugs Manufacturers Association of India  
  Vedic Arts  
  Happy Homes Housings Ltd.  
  Unified Council  
  Tender & Market Information Services (P) Ltd.  
  Indian Academy of Catering Technology & Culinary Arts  
  Uma Impex Soumya  
  Mission for the Interior  
  Feed The Hungry, Cloth the Naked  
  Symed Laboratories Limited  
  Sharp Industrial Machinery Maintenance Company (P) Ltd  
  Metallurgical Consultancy  
  ISO Static Presses India (P) Ltd.  
  Simba Soft Technology (P) Ltd.  
  Vishnu Housing (P) Ltd.  
  Durga Engineering Company (P) Ltd.  
  Indian Tube Company  
  ITC Engineering Company  
  C H O R D   
  Earth Net Info Solutions (P) Ltd.  
  Shastas Electrical Contractors  
  Bliss Software Technologies  
  Rajasekhar Registered Valuer  
  Touchstone Advertising (P) Ltd.  
  Sipra Labs Ltd.  
  Scentech Innovations (P) Ltd.  
  Indian Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology  
  Sri Sai Ram Builders  
  Loral Packaging Industries (P) Ltd.  
  SKAWS (P) Ltd.  
  AMAFH Imports & Exports  
  Jasvinder Dhani (POP Singer)  
  AP Toppers  
  S V R Tours & Travels  
  4 in Web  
  Kshatirya Information Services  
  Kala Jyothi Art Printers  
  Laila Group  
  Go 4 U R Web  
  APCO Andhra Pradesh  
  Macro Grid   
  Miya Home Realtors (P) Ltd.                  
  Khawjas Sagar Steel Syndicate             
  Medi Engineers (P) Ltd.  
  Vemmas International Services  
  Smile Please  
  Mape Connosseurs  
  Kollati Group  
  Inter World Academy  
  C R I S A (Child Relief Integrated Social Action)  
  Yeacham Pullaiah              
  Digital Vision India  
  Exnora Infosys  

Cables & Conductors & Vajra Electric Syndicate

  Ved Electricals  
  Kids Soft Tech (P) Ltd.  
  Uni Soft Info Technologies  

Sri Sai Vishwakarama Vaasthu (Divine Sciences)

  VC Info Services  
  Khiwasara Finance & Leasing Limited  
  Shree Gajanan Industries  
  Soha Trading (P) Ltd.  
  Arovi Granites (P) Ltd.  
  S e r i f e d (A Govt. of A.P. Undertaking)  
  Glochem Industries Limited  
  Access Marketing  
  World Financial Street  
  Sree Vikas Technological Services  
  Bethel Saidabad  
  Few of our Overseas Clientele  
  NEST-New Era Systems Technologies (Saudi Arabia)  
  Yousef Saeed Consultants (Saudi Arabia)  
  Apex Systems Solutions (Saudi Arabia)  
  IT Package Incorporation (U.S.A)  
  Swagath Systems Incorporation (U.S.A)  
  Integral Software Technologies Limited (United Kingdom)  
  Jupitar IT     (United Kingdom)   

Websites Addresses are provided on request